Peer reviewed papers:

(2020) Professional Action in Global Wealth Chains (with Leonard Seabrooke and Duncan Wigan), Regulation & Governance. DOI: 10.1111/rego.12370.

(2020) Going Out, Bringing In: The rise of China and contestation of the global tax system (with Yue (Daisy) Dai and Martin Hearson), Asia Pacific Business Review, forthcoming.

(2020) Professional Misconduct in International Taxation (with Leonard Seabrooke), Journal of Tax Administration, 6(1).

(2020) Elite Professionals in Transnational Tax Governance, Global Networks. DOI: 10.1111/glob.12269.

(2019) The New Politics of Global Tax Governance: Taking Stock a Decade After the Financial Crisis (with Martin Hearson), Review of International Political Economy, 26(5). DOI: 10.1080/09692290.2019.1625802

Book chapters:

(2021) Transparency. In Leonard Seabrooke and Duncan Wigan (eds.) ‘Global Wealth Chains: Asset Strategies in the World Economy‘. Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

(2020) The Rise of the EU in International Tax Policy. In George Christou and Jacob Hasselbalch (eds.) ‘Global Networks and European Actors: Navigating and Managing Complexity‘. London: Routledge, forthcoming.

(2020) Global Tax Governance: Is the EU promoting Tax Justice? (with Leonard Seabrooke). In Ramona Coman, Amandine Crespy and Vivien Schmidt (eds.) ‘Governance and Politics in the Post-crisis European Union‘, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

PhD dissertation:

(2020) Politics and Professionals: Transnational Struggles to Change International Taxation, Doctoral School of Organisation and Management Studies, Copenhagen Business School. PhD Series 05.2020.

Non-peer reviewed papers:

(2017) New Players, New Game: The role of the public and political debate in the development of action on international tax issues (with Maya Forstater). European Tax Policy Forum Research Paper.

Working papers:

(2019) Tracing Corporate Forms Across Sectors (with Oddný Helgadóttir, Jakob Laage-Thomsen, Leonard Seabrooke, Saila Stausholm and Duncan Wigan), COFFERS Working Paper.

(2018) It’s an Art, Not a Science: Professionalisation and Global Governance in the Case of Transfer Pricing.

(2017) Professional Competition in Global Tax Reform: Transparency in Global Wealth ChainsSocArXiv.

(2017) Transnational Professional Competition in Fields and EcologiesSocArXiv.

Dissemination, opinion and analysis:

(2019) The Future of Global Corporate Taxation Is More Uncertain Than Ever (with Martin Hearson), Roosevelt Institute

(2019) Europe is targeting Big Tech with new taxes. It’s straining the transatlantic alliance (with Martin Hearson), Washington Post – The Monkey Cage.

(2019) Response to the OECD’s Public Consultation Document on ‘Addressing the Challenges of the Digitalisation of the Economy’ (with Vincent Arel-Bundock, Lukas Hakelberg, Martin Hearson, Wouter Lips, Thomas Rixen, Indra Römgens, Leonard Seabrooke, Laura Seelkopf, Saila Stausholm and Duncan Wigan).

(2018) Inclusiveness or Coherence in International Tax Policy-Making? COFFERS Policy Brief.

(2018) Going all in on digital tax (with Tim Law and Benoît Roussel), GPLUS.

(2017) Paradise Papers bør føre til en ny global skat (with Saila Stausholm), Politiken.

(2017) Law and morality in the Paradise Papers, Global Responsible Tax Project.

(2017) Hvad er skattely?, OmFinans.

(2017) Hvad er omfanget af skattely?, OmFinans.

(2017) Hvilke udfordringer skaber skattely?, OmFinans.

(2016) Sådan bekæmper vi skattely (with Mikkel Mondrup Pedersen), Information.

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