Peer-reviewed articles:

Working papers:

(2017) Transnational Professional Competition in Fields and Ecologies (SocArXiv)

(2017) Professional Competition in Global Tax Reform: Transparency in Global Wealth Chains (SocArXiv)

(2015) Professional Competition in Global Tax Reform – The Case of BEPS Action 13 (MSc thesis)

Book chapters:

Opinion pieces:

(2016) Sådan bekæmper vi skattely (in Danish)

In the pipeline:

(2017) New Players, New Game: The role of the public and political debate in the development of action on international tax issues (with Maya Forstater). European Tax Policy Forum Research Paper.

(2018) Techncial Battles for Corporate Tax Transparency. In Leonard Seabrooke and Duncan Wigan (eds.) ‘Global Wealth Chains: Asset Strategies in the World Economy‘. Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

(2018) Professional Misconduct in Global Wealth Chains (with Leonard Seabrooke). Submitted to Human Relations.

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