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Technical politics, sovereignty and the prospects of tax multilateralism

International tax cooperation is hard. Especially when it challenges national sovereignty. Sovereignty is close to heart for politicians. Taxation remains a cornerstone of the nation-state and of the social contract. Governments are not liable to relinquish absolute authority on tax matters. So, at least, the story goes. Indeed, the reality – and the associated perception – of taxation […]

Technicised BEPS: How complexity shapes politics

On June 4, the OECD released public comments received on Action 15 of the OECD/G2o Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project, which concerns the development of a multilateral instrument for modifying bilateral tax treaties in order to implement treaty-related BEPS recommendations.

Revolving doors in international tax: Do the foxes run the henhouse?

In trying to explain the most recent financial crisis and what is perceived to be ongoing struggles to properly regulate markets and economic behavior, a popular sentiment among political commentators has been to blame ‘revolving doors’. Revolving doors is now a mainstream term meaning professionals’ strategic career moves between the public and private sector. Typically, such moves are […]